Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens is one of the most gifted guitarists to emerge from the ’80s music scene. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on May 5, 1959, Stevens first picked up the guitar at only seven years old on the suggestion of Sunny Ochs, sister/guitar teacher of 1960’s protest singer Phil Ochs.

Immersing himself in the great early 1970’s Brit guitar heroes like Beck, Page and Clapton, Stevens would eventually became an avid prog rock fan, especially the likes of King Crimson and Yes

It was also during the early ’80s that Stevens hooked up with ex-Generation X singer Billy Idol, who had relocated to New Yorkin hopes of launching a solo career. Idol found the perfect foil in Stevens, and with ex-Kiss manager Bill Aucoin backing them, Idol’s career skyrocketed.

Combining Idol’s punk and Stevens’ hard rock backgrounds with dance music, Idol became one of MTV’s early video stars, as such albums as 1982′s Billy Idol and 1983′s Rebel Yell became blockbuster hits — spurred on by Stevens’ inventive guitar work (and outrageous glam rock image).

In 2008 Steve released the critically acclaimed instrumental album Memory Crash. 2011 will see Steve Stevens and Billy Idol celebrate a 30 year partnership that is stronger today then ever.