Marcus Henderson

If you’ve ever heard of a video game series called GUITAR HERO and GUITAR HERO II, ENCORE: 80’S etc Chances are you’re rockin’ out to some of Marcus Henderson’s work!

Every generation has a lightning rod to the guitar. From Hendrix to Van Halen and beyond, millions of people have been inspired to rock just by hearing the masters at work. In 2005 Guitar Hero awoke the masses and re-introduced some of the most incredible rock songs ever recorded to a whole new generation of hearts, ears and hands eager to rock.

Critically acclaimed guitarist Marcus Henderson was chosen to take the role as one of the lead guitarist’s for the series with jaw-dropping results- Several dozen best soundtrack awards, Multiple Game of the Year awards, countless accolades, and Millions of copies sold.

Marcus is part of the heart and soul of the game, and the lightning rod for hundreds of thousands of Guitar Hero fans crossing over to the real thing. With 20 years playing and touring experience, Marcus has brought a energy and authenticity to the game that few interactive experiences offer. Putting everything into his recordings, his performances on the Guitar Hero series not only leap off the screen, but the level of detail and accuracy is frightening. Many times his tracks will be mistaken for the original.

Possessing an innate passion for the instrument, natural musicality, and a drive to exceed ridiculous levels of musical standards, Marcus is energy, personality, musicianship and presence personified as a leader for the new generation of rockers all over the world.