Loucin Guitar Co.

Loucin Guitars (pronounced “Lou-seen”) began the way many iconic products have – from pure passion. Loucin’s founder and master guitar maker Garren Dakessian began building guitars at the age of 14 after becoming fascinated with the book “Guitars – From the Renaissance to Rock” by Tom Evans. He used to sign it out from the Library repeatedly and study it until his parents finally surprised him with his own copy for Christmas. That book, which he still refers to today, unlocked the artistic drive and desire to learn and perfect the craft of guitar making.

At age 15 Garren’s father arranged a meeting with legendary owner of the Twelfth Fret in Toronto, Grant MacNeill. That meeting turned into an entire afternoon of discussion about guitar construction and craftsmanship. It was Grant who gave Garren the confidence to build his first guitar which he did in grade 10 wood-shop with a little help from his ultra-cool wood shop teacher Mr. Jim MacMillan at White Oaks Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario.

To learn the craft further, he turned to guitar making legend Kevin Ryan. “The best way to learn any art is to study with the Masters”. Now many years later, Garren is giving back to the guitar-making community by offering aspiring guitar makers the chance to learn. Along with hand-crafting custom guitars, Garren now offers a Guitar Building Course at his shop in Oakville, Canada.

Garren began focusing on acoustic guitars in 2003. There’s an incredible sense of satisfaction that you get from taking a raw piece of wood and turning it into a one-of-a-kind instrument with a mirror finish. The one-of-a-kind guitars are hand-crafted from the finest woods including Mahogany, Ebony, Claro Walnut, curly & quilted Maples, Ziricote, Madagascar Rosewood, Western Red Cedar, and Sitka Spruce among others. The different wood combinations create a depth and tone unlike anything you have ever heard. Loucin’s exclusive “sound port” on the upper bout acts as your own personal monitor allowing you to hear the rich, even tones and incredible sustain that our perfectly intonated guitars produce.

The name “Loucin” is a tribute to his late mother who inspired and encouraged him to follow his passion.

Loucin’s client list includes six time Grammy award-winning musician Dave Grohl, Grammy award-winning System of a Down front-man & song-writer Serj Tankian, Five Finger Death Punch’s Jason Hook, 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year, Rob Tardik, L.A. Session Guitarist Phil X and Zakk Wylde of Ozzy Osbourne & Black Label Society