Joe Barden Engineering

Celebrating our 5th year rebirth at Joe Barden Engineering™ (JBE)

July 2011

It’s now 5+ years since Joe Barden Engineering™ (JBE) re-emerged as a new company. During this time we have worked hard to rebuild JBE and keep the best of what the former Joe Barden Pickups Inc. offered. JBE’s business plan and company structure are designed to ensure that we continue to bring you the “best pickups on the planet” along with solid administration, management, marketing, manufacturing, and (hopefully) stellar customer service.

We have continued to introduce new pickup models along the way but do not set out to mimic every pickup in the marketplace. A JBE pickups should always sound and perform differently to what is available from other manufacturers, and we think they do. Also, we do not try to recreate “vintage” pickups.. Instead, we strive to build on the past with hi-fidelity products that shape today’s music.

Like the former JB Pickups Inc. started by Joe Barden over 25 years ago, there are no mass-produced pickups at JBE. Each pickup is made in the US. Today, right here in historic Manassas, Virginia. We continue to hand-craft our products with the a commitment to quality and tone that admittedly cost more, but out-perform all those look-alike and misaptly named, “Barden-killers” out there, making comparison to them pointless. One of our customers said it best when he said that…” I went broke saving money on pickups, then I finally installed a set of JBE pickups into my guitar…..and stopped spending needlessly in the quest for tone”.

So, thank you all, each and every one, who have called or emailed with your questions and compliments. Your emails continue to inspire us to give you the best customer service we are able, while keeping us properly grounded when we fall short.

Lastly, we have broadened our distribution significantly such that JBE pickups are available from many fine music stores and thru their online stores. I urge you to support your local authorized JBE dealers who are best equipped to help you with questions, installation, and just plain old good sound advise. But, if there is no JBE dealer in your area at this time, please contact us directly.

Our Location

We are located about 1/2 mile from the historic Manassas Railway Station where Stephen Stills shot his ‘album’ cover for his record album that bears the city’s name…MANASSAS. The station, the history, and the charm of Civil War era Manassasare still here and we are proud to locate our new company here too.