Fretted Americana


I have been collecting and studying rare vintage electric guitars for over thirty two years. This love affair began when I was a bass player touringEnglandduring the Swingin’ Sixites and met the key British guitar players on their rise to greatness.

Now, I specialize in acquiring and offering for sale only the finest examples of the finest rare guitars in the world.

I personally examine each guitar in depth and detail. Our full descriptions and spec sheets have set the standard for quality and accuracy.

Meticulous scholarship, ethical conduct, fair dealing, and the highest level of discreet personal service are our core values from which we shall never waver.

– David Brass


We specialize in acquiring and offering the finest specimens of American vintage electric guitars with particular attention to those in their complete, original state.

We are the only dealer to embrace a written code of ethics. We encourage you to read it.


We want to inspire and win your trust and confidence. You don’t want to have any negative surprises upon receipt of an instrument that you’ve invested yourself as well as your money into. Nor do you want any untoward surprises should you decide to sell it in the future.

To that end, every guitar that we offer is catalogued to a degree and depth of detail that is fast becoming the standard in the trade. When we declare an instrument to be completely original, it is. If it is not, we tell you exactly in what manner it has been altered.

We photograph each guitar at many angles to provide you with the broadest, clearest sense of its appearance. We will, upon request, provide you with images of all electronic components, inside and out.

Each guitar we acquire is skillfully and painstakingly dissected by David Brass, who is a trained luthier as well as a dealer and collector. All parts, no matter how small, are meticulously examined. We have an enviable reference library of wide breadth and scope that we refer to when necessary for crucial facts. The instrument is put under a black-light: original finish or refin? Even the most skillfully masked ding is uncovered. David then fastidiously reassembles the instrument. It is then cleaned with the finest products available for wood and metal.

An inspection certificate of authenticity signed by David is provided with every guitar you purchase.

We keep our inventory relatively small and highly select. We choose our guitars with extreme care so we can offer you the finest examples of the finest rare guitars in the world.

We are client focused to an extraordinary degree. If you expect or would like to be surprised by courteous, professional client service, we will pleased to accommodate that desire.

It is our fervent wish to establish a long-term relationship with you.


President: David Brass

David is an internationally renowned antiquarian bookseller who has been dealing in rare and collectable books and original artwork for the past thirty-five years. He was President of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association inEnglandfrom 1990-1992, a member of the British Antique Dealers Association, and President of the Southern California Chapter of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America from 2001-2003. Over the years, David has built many great investment-quality collections of rare books and original artwork for collectors worldwide, and feels that there is a marked correlation between these collecting and investment fields and that of American vintage guitars.

Vice President: Caroline Brass

In charge of our day to day operation, Caroline brings much energy and enthusiasm to the table. A collector in her own right, she has the experience necessary to make this business thrive.

Executive Director: Stephen J. Gertz

Steve is a former professional jazz drummer whose fervent interest in guitars and guitarists dates back to 1965 when he heard Mike Bloomfield play on the first Paul Butterfield Blues Band album and felt the earth shift on its axis. Allied with David Brass in the antiquarian book business where he has established an international reputation, Steve formerly worked in the TV/film, advertising, and video industries in various creative and marketing capacities. A pop-culture historian and journalist as well, his writing has been published by Feral House, The Disinformation Company, the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Review, and online magazines. His latest book is DOPE MENACE: The Sensational World of Drug Paperbacks 1900-1975.

Photographer/Multi-Media Manager: Dustin Jack

Dustin is a respected talented and creative fine arts photographer and graphic designer fluent in digital technology who produces all visual manifestations of our business. Prior to joining us, he handled all photography and catalogue design & production at Heritage Book Shop. Earlier, he was an in-demand Fine Art Photographer specializing in photographing private art collections, Memorabilia/ Manuscripts and Jewelry collections at Butterfield & Butterfield (now Bonham’s & Butterfield) auction house. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone and Billboard magazines, on album art for Methods of Mayhem, Tommy Lee and Mix Master Mike, production stills and LIVE Photography for Chris Daughtry, Tommy Lee, and No Doubt.

We are always keenly interested in acquiring fine vintage guitars and amplifiers.