Duff McKagen

Duff McKagan (born February 5, 1964) is an American musician and bassist who is best known for his eight-year tenure in the 1980s heavy-metal band Guns n’ Roses.

He was born Michael McKagan inSeattle,Washington, the youngest of eight children born to Elmer andAliceMarie McKagan. It was his brother Bruce who introduced him to the bass. He describes his home city as “a rowdy rock ‘n’ roll town with a hip underground”.

McKagan played in thirty-one rock bands around Seattle – including Ten Minute Warning and a hard-core punk band called The Fartz – and then headed to Southern California when he was nineteen where he hooked up with GNR axeman Slash and one-time drummer Steve Adler in a band called Road Crew after answering an ad about a bass player in a loco magazine. He met Slash and Steve at Canter’s (L.A.’s legendary 24 hour deli and rock hangout). Duff expected some punk with a penchant for ’70s rock, but when he kept the appointed rendezvous at Canter’s he found two long-haired guys instead.

“When I met Slash and Steve Adler for the first time”, he said, “it was weird, ’cause I’d never met guys like this before -L.A.locals. We went out that night and got drunk, and then we had this ill-fated band. It was Slash’s band, Road Crew.”

After recruiting L.A. Guns members Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, Guns n’ Roses was born. Before Guns n’ Roses became Guns n’ Roses, they (Duff, Slash and Steve) played together in L.A. GUNS.