Cord Blood Registry

CBR’s mission is to give families hope for longer, healthier lives. Our business and operating principles are built on the highest standards of integrity so we can serve the interests of our clients, healthcare providers, employees and communities.

We see a day when saving newborn stem cells is routine practice and when they in turn become the first line of treatment for many of today’s incurable diseases. That day is getting closer and closer every year.

Cord Blood Registry is the world’s largest and most experienced stem cell bank. For more than 15 years, we have led the industry in technical innovations. We are entrusted by parents with storing cord blood and tissue for more than 400,000 children. Moreover, CBR was the first bank to offer families in the U.S. storage for stem cells contained in cord tissue, which may help repair the body in different ways.

CBR has also helped more clients use their cord blood stem cells in treatments than any other family bank. Our research and development efforts are focused on helping leading clinical researchers advance regenerative medicine that may help families in the future.