Becky’s Blog – April 23, 2013

We are less than a month away from the 2013 Julian Rock Memorial and I am filled with excitement and anticipation. We are at a new venue this year, our team is tight and working hard, our auction items are coming in fast and furious, and it promises to be a great day.


Why are we doing this? Don and I love and miss Julian every single day. He is never far from our thoughts. Our second child, Gunnar, looks so much like him and I often engage in wistful thinking. I wish Julian were here to play with and take care of his little brother. But Julian is everwhere, and he is Gunnar’s personal guardian angel. Gunnar smiles when he sees Julian’s picture and runs his finger over his face. It’s a lovely sight. He goes with us to the cemetery to visit his big brother and sits with us as we say a little prayer.


We are planning a day filled with live music from some great bands who are all very good friends of ours. Friends who reached out to us wanting to be a part of the event. We have incredible auction items from some of the heavy hitters of the music industry, all of whom were moved by our story and wanted to help. We have team members who believe in our charity so much that they are working overtime to secure more and more auction items for us. Some team members are using their talents to create one of a kind items especially for the auction. Some corporate sponsors are earmarking a percentage of fees to the Julian Rock Memorial. We love you all and are so grateful for your love, friendship, and support.


It’s exciting to post the latest news on the event and photos of the items as they arrive. It’s exciting to see everyone’s reactions to the latest news. We are confident we will reach our lofty goal of $20,000 this year.


It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind, but I never lose sight of the reason we are doing this. Julian is our inspiration and our guiding light and it is for him that we are so moved to raise thousands of dollars for the children of St. Jude. To lose a child is the most devastating thing a parent can go through and we are determined to help St. Jude continue to increase their patients’ survival rates by leaps and bounds so that one day no parent will have to endure this pain.


Please join us on Sunday, May 19 in Los Gatos and give to a very worthy cause. Enjoy the music, bid on your favorite items, and have a snack and a great afternoon. If you are unable to attend, please visit our website ( and click “donate” to contribute. Buy a commemorative t-shirt (a percentage of the cost goes to St. Jude)  and wear it to show your support ( And please remember Julian and all the children of St. Jude.


  1. Joni Holland
    April 24, 2013

    What a sweet, sweet touching explanation for the Memorial. Gunnar is so lucky to have you guys as parents, and Julian as a guardian angel.xo.

  2. Linda Thorvund
    April 24, 2013

    Thank you to my son and beautiful daughter in law. You put into words all that our hearts are feeling. We love and miss you Jbut you may rest in peace knowing how much we all love you and also that so many people are donating to St. Jude in your honor. We love you MTA, Nana & Pappy Thorvund

  3. Terry Ramirez
    April 24, 2013

    There is no pain as deep as losing a child and nothing anyone can say will ease that pain. Becky found some peace in contacting a support group and through sharing and understanding of others, was able to slowly move forward.
    The Julian Rock Memorial is a tribute to Don and Becky and, of course, to Julian and the importance of keeping his memory alive. The lessons he taught us will live with us forever and we are so grateful that he came to us and touched our hearts.
    Thank you, Becky, for sharing this blog and for being the wonderful, strong mom for Julian and Gunnar. Baci loves both her shining stars so much.

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